Garçon Apparel

In an effort to reduce pollution, we invited you to help us choose an eco-friendly packaging option. With your encouragement, your support and your votes, we have decided to go nearly package-free.

Doing away with needless packing allows us to reduce our footprint as well as preserve nature's limited resources. And, while compostable solutions might seem appealing, they still waste energy. After all, many neighbourhoods don’t offer industrial composting.

Going nearly package-free significantly reduces production waste. We utilize a simple stripe of recyclable carton to hold our products and display the minimum legal information. There’s no lamination and no ink. We ship our pieces inside a completely recyclable envelope directly to you.

We use what we need and only what we need.

For those concerned about hygiene and presentation, rest assured that cleanliness and presentation are of the utmost importance to us. Your Garçons will always arrive pristine and new.

Features of our Zero Waste Packaging are:

  • Elimination of unnecessary packaging
  • Recycled Carton
  • Water-based ink and glue

We have also eliminated non-recyclable shipping materials in favor of a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative. Larger orders are shipped in a recyclable cardboard container.

As eco-friendly technology improves, so do our efforts to towards impact-free production. We love this planet and we’re determined to leave it better than we found it.