Garçon Apparel

In an effort to reduce pollution, we previously invited you to vote for your preferred eco-friendly packaging option. With your encouragement, your support and your votes, the package-free option was selected.

But in light of the COVID-19 health crisis, we had to opt back for a full plastic sleeve that would ensure maximum hygiene and protection against germs.

Still, we're not giving up on making our planet less polluted than we found it. 

Here are the actions we are taking to reduce our footprint:

  • We are now shipping with a completely recyclable envelope. 
  • We are doing away with unnecessary 'Thank you' cards (although we still thank you from the bottom of our heart), hang tags and plastic strings.
  • All of our marketing is to be digital.
  • We are donating a portion of each sale to the Pachama organization in order to offset carbon emissions.

As eco-friendly technology improves, so do our efforts to towards impact-free production. We love our planet and we’re determined to leave it better than we found it with your help.


Eco- Fashion